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Montana is a state in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States that borders Idaho to the West and South Dakota to the east; Wyoming to the south and the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan to the north.

Montana is known to the locals as "the big sky" and for good reason because  nowhere are the skies more amazing than Montana and even more in Whitefish, Montana, some also know it as "the treasure state" or "the last best place. I am sure you already get the picture. Montana is a place like no other and a place like no other to experience with its numerous lakes, mountain ranges and outdoor culture, it is the best place to be practically year round.


Named one of the "Top 25 Ski Towns in the World" by National Geographic, Whitefish is located on the shores of Whitefish Lake and at the base of Big Mountain-home to Whitefish Mountain Resort. A short jaunt to Glacier National Park, Whitefish is a year-round destination with plentiful attractions and a mixed array of shops, coffee houses, restaurants, accommodations. Visitors can enjoy skiing, snowboarding, hiking, biking, boating and live professional theater, as well as stellar dining. Amtrak's Empire Builder stops daily in Whitefish, while Glacier Park International Airport is only 15 minutes away.



Long before the first Europeans came to Whitefish, native American tribes inhabited the area, most notably the Kootenai, the Pend d’Oreille, and the Bitterroot Salish. The Kootenai lived in the area for more than 14,000 years, inhabiting the mountainous terrain west of the Continental Divide, and traveled east of the divide for occasional buffalo hunts. Though trappers, traders, and waves of westward immigrants passed through the area during the second half of the century, it wasn’t until 1883 that the first permanent settler, John Morton built a cabin on the shore of Whitefish Lake, just west of the mouth of the Whitefish River. Morton was joined by the local logging industry forefathers—including the Baker and Hutchinson brothers—in the early 1890s. Logging crews “boomed-up” their logs behind a dam built at the river mouth by the Boston & Montana Commercial Company, which, when opened, created a rush of water that helped float the logs down the river to Kalispell.


The town is located on the western side of the continental divide, near Glacier National ParkWhitefish Lake is a 5.2 square miles (13 km2) natural lake with maximum length 5.8 miles (9.3 km) and width 1.4 miles (2.3 km) and is 233 feet (71 m) at its deepest. The Whitefish River bisects the town of Whitefish as it courses south by southeast to briefly join the Stillwater River before its flows enter the Flathead River.

The historic district of Whitefish is a neighborhood called "The Avenues". This neighborhood is bordered by East 2nd Street to the north, Kalispell Avenue to the west, East 7th Street to the south, and Pine Avenue to the east. It is next to downtown, with many of its houses on the historic registry.


But enough of this generic information, let me tell you what Montana and Whitefish, Montana really is.

Montana is home, it is home to my mother, home to my wife, home to my son and daughter, its home to so many people that just love where we are, and we love it every single month of the year because for every season that changes, there's something new to do.

Snowmobiling, ice fishing, hunting, hiking the mountains, going down the trains, skiing, boating, lake daydreaming, jet skiing, fishing, there is just so much to do and so much to do all year round.

Montana and Whitefish, Montana specifically just has so much to offer anyone who comes here, lives here, grows up here. We consider our whole community one big happy family under "the big sky". We are just absolutely happy to tell you about Montana, Whitefish, Kalispell, its history, its place, and everything that makes this great state just absolutely beautiful to us. You don't have to take my word for it. I've only grown up here, make a life here and building a family here, one day at a time and enjoying every day that passes more and more.

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